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What’s your favourite word?

A volunteer at Freedom From Torture asked me to share a favourite word with her class.  One of my favourites is TOGETHER : we go forward together, we build tomorrow together, and we love to remember what was good and will be good again together – au pairs, workers, refugees learning English together in Epsom.

Do you have a favourite word to share?

Success for IELTS student Ivan

 Congratulations to our IELTS student Ivan Carillo who’s off to a Danish university to read for a Masters in Mechanical Engineering.  Ivan worked flat out for four months – a shining example to fellow students and great fun in class too!



Enrol for your English lessons at our OPEN MORNING on  Thursday, 8 September 2016  10 am-12 noon at St Martin’s church hall, Church Street, Epsom KT17 4PX.*

Talk with the teachers, take a FREE** assessment test and register for a class that suits your level and interests – from Elementary to Proficiency, Cambridge exams: KET, PET, FCE, CAE and CPE, IELTS or Business English.

You can reserve a place on a course at the Open Morning with a deposit of £20 (so your first term fees will be £140).

All courses are four hours per week (2 hours x 2) and cost £160 for a six-week block. Full payment is due either at registration or on the first day of each term.

Day and Evening classes start 12 September. £160 per term (6 weeks) payable on the first day of the course or before if paying by bank transfer.

Don’t forget to bring with you:

  • details of your address in England
  • contact phone numbers
  • deposit of £20 to secure your place on a course.

We look forward to seeing you!

*Please note that car parking is very limited.

** Assessment test will be £10 after 8 September.

Summer School 2016

July 11 to August 26, short courses are running for Beginners to Advanced level:  £10 per class. It’s a chance to improve your conversational skills, polish up your writing  and generally get one step ahead of the challenges that September holds for you.  These are drop-in sessions so if you can’t get to class, you don’t have to pay.  Six students maximum per class.  Here’s the programme – dip in and enjoy some serious fun.

Beginners/Elementary – Monday & Friday afternoons

Pre-intermediate A2 – Monday & Thursday evenings

Intermediate B1 – Tuesday & Thursday mornings

Advanced C1/C2 – Wednesday afternoon


English for Beginners

A small class for adults who want to start learning English from the very beginning: Hello!  It’s friendly and good fun.  Come and try on Mondays, 4-6 pm at 90 Hook Road, Epsom KT19 8TR. £10 per class.  Phone 07747 535165 and let’s get talking!

summer term courses for Cambridge exams

Exams + a bit of fun – Yeh!

FCE On Track (Mondays & Wednesdays, 10-12) at St Martins

We will be doing some exam practice – speaking practice, writing planning (especially for essays) and timed writing along with timed reading tasks set as homework.  Lessons will also include some vocabulary expansion on confusing words, phrasal verbs, etc., as well as discussions and grammar games.

Upper Intermediate Plus (Tuesdays & Fridays, 9.45-11.45) at 90 Hook Road KT19 8TR

We’ll be upgrading discussion techniques and vocabulary, including collocations, phrasal verbs and word formation. Grammar revision at B2 and C1 levels will be linked to polishing up writing styles.  All this will set you up for exam practice covering FCE, CAE and IELTS to do as optional homework.

Earth Hour

What will you do in the dark?



When the lights go out –

EARTH HOUR 2016 is Saturday, 19 March, 8.30-9.30 pm.

People worldwide will be celebrating our brilliant planet … working to make every day an Earth Day.


Janka           Walking with dogs

Keep calm and carry on walking with dogs.  We can visit our local rescue centre and take some dogs for a walk – meet new people and don’t forget to bring a torch.


Luzie            Crazy bike ride

Me and my friends will meet at the local station.  You‘ll need reflector clothes and a dynamo light.  Bring an MP3 player and a music box that only plays when cycling.


Rebeca        Safari dinner

We could have a big dinner, everyone bringing some cold food, so we don’t use electricity.  To respect the environment, we can sit on cushions on the floor and use candles to make a nice atmosphere.


Lena            Painting in the dark

I’m going to buy a large canvas and paint completely in the dark / by starlight, maybe in the garden.


Katalin         Invisible exhibition

You can try the same lifestyle as blind people.  Try to navigate yourself with touch, sounds and smells in complete darkness.


Maria del Rocio      Street dancing

My idea is that people wear reflecting clothes and dance a fantastic choreography in the town centre. The best choreography wins a prize.


Katharina     Painting in the dark

I’ll be spending Earth Hour with a friend painting or drawing a picture in complete darkness without being able to identify the colours or shapes they are drawing.

I could imagine walking up to Epsom Downs and enjoying the view of the dark skyline of London and experiencing the feeling of walking in total darkness.


Cristina       Candle-lit dinner

I’ll be at a friend’s house so will ask to have dinner by candle light with a good glass of wine.  If I were at home by myself, I could imagine lighting some candles and reading a good book.


Jennifer      Candle-lit walk

It would be amazing if in each city the Mayor could celebrate Earth Hour by inviting local people into the high street, turning off the electricity and then everyone could go for a walk holding a decorated candle.


Angelika      Bonfire jam

I’d like to organize a bonfire event with a group of friends, playing play guitars, violins and other non -electrical instruments and enjoying snacks, drinks and good company.  I imagine this celebration could be extended to become a local tradition.


Luisa            Dinner in the dark

I’d like to eat dinner and have a drink in my room in the darkness.  Maybe I’ll light a candle and watch it burn.


Eniko           Horse ride

I’d love to go for a horse ride across the Downs in the moonlight.  But I’ll actually be working at the restaurant –we’ll have to serve dinner by candlelight!


Gita             Moonlit walk

I’d like to go for a walk with a friend at night around the local streets.  There will be so much to see in the moonlight with twinkling stars.


Krystyna      Romantic dinner

I’m going to have a romantic dinner with my husband and the wine will get us singing and dancing!